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Etable - Order from Waiting Lounge

Place Order from waiting lounge – Don’t waste your time waiting

Waiting for a table at a restaurant can often be a tedious experience for customers. However, with Etable’s unique feature, “Order From Waiting Lounge,” the waiting period becomes more enjoyable and productive. This innovative capability allows customers to place their orders directly from the waiting lounge using the Etable platform. By minimizing wait times and providing a seamless ordering experience, Etable enhances customer satisfaction and streamlines restaurant operations. In this blog, we will explore the benefits of Etable’s “Order From Waiting Lounge” feature and how it transforms the waiting experience.

  • Minimizing Wait Times:

Etable’s “Order From Waiting Lounge” feature reduces wait times by allowing customers to place their orders while waiting for a table. Instead of waiting until seated, customers can use the Etable platform to browse the menu, make their selections, and submit their orders directly from the comfort of the waiting lounge. This eliminates the need to wait for a server to take their order once seated, thereby expediting the overall dining experience.

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  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction:

By enabling customers to order from the waiting lounge, Etable enhances customer satisfaction. Waiting is no longer an idle and frustrating period but an opportunity for customers to proactively engage with the restaurant. They can review the menu, explore new dishes, and make informed decisions in this period. The ability to order in advance empowers customers and demonstrates the restaurant’s commitment to providing a seamless and customer-centric experience.

  • Streamlined Restaurant Operations:

Etable’s “Order From Waiting Lounge” feature streamlines restaurant operations by distributing order processing more evenly. By allowing customers to place their orders in advance, the kitchen staff can start preparing meals earlier, optimizing workflow and reducing peak-hour congestion. This leads to improved efficiency in food preparation and ultimately ensures quicker service once customers are seated.

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  • Personalized Service:

Ordering from the waiting lounge allows customers to specify any special requests or dietary preferences with ease. This feature ensures that customer preferences are communicated clearly to the kitchen staff, enhancing the level of personalized service. By addressing individual needs in advance, the restaurant can better accommodate dietary restrictions, allergies, or specific meal modifications, further enhancing the overall dining experience.

  • Increased Revenue Potential:

Etable’s “Order From Waiting Lounge” feature presents an opportunity for increased revenue. Customers who order from the waiting lounge may be more inclined to order additional items or try new dishes, thereby increasing the average ticket size. Moreover, with quicker service and reduced wait times, tables can be turned around more efficiently, allowing the restaurant to serve a higher volume of guests and maximize revenue potential.


Etable’s “Order From Waiting Lounge” feature revolutionizes the waiting experience in restaurants by allowing customers to place their orders directly from the waiting lounge. By minimizing wait times, enhancing customer satisfaction, streamlining restaurant operations, offering personalized service, and increasing revenue potential, this unique capability sets Etable apart. Embrace Etable’s “Order From Waiting Lounge” feature to transform the waiting lounge into a more enjoyable and productive space, creating a seamless and exceptional dining experience for your valued customers.



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