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Kitchen Order Taking (KOT) Feature

What is KOT?

Etable is an all-in-one restaurant management system that offers a range of features designed to help restaurants streamline their operations and improve efficiency. One of the standout features of Etable is its digital KOT (Kitchen Order Ticket) system, which offers a number of benefits over traditional paper KOTs.

One of the key benefits of Etable’s digital KOT system is improved communication between front-of-house and kitchen staff. When a customer places an order, the order is entered into Etable’s point-of-sale (POS) system, which automatically generates a digital KOT and sends it to the kitchen staff. Because digital KOTs are generated automatically, there is less room for miscommunication or errors. This can help ensure that orders are prepared accurately and efficiently, which can improve customer satisfaction and reduce wait times.

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Another benefit of Etable’s digital KOT system is that it can help reduce paper waste. Traditional paper KOTs can generate a significant amount of waste, as they need to be printed and distributed to kitchen staff. With Etable’s digital KOT system, there is no need to print paper KOTs, which can help reduce the environmental impact of restaurant operations.

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In addition to improved communication and reduced paper waste, Etable’s digital KOT system can also help improve efficiency in the kitchen. Because digital KOTs are generated automatically and sent to kitchen staff in real-time, there is less delay between when an order is placed and when it is received in the kitchen. This can help ensure that orders are prepared quickly and efficiently, which can reduce wait times for customers and improve the overall dining experience.

Overall, Etable’s digital KOT system is one of the best options available for restaurants looking to improve their operations and streamline their workflow. With improved communication, reduced paper waste, and improved efficiency, Etable’s digital KOT system can help restaurants save time and money while providing a better experience for their customers.

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